“It’s Been a Year!” by Uncle Tom

I was preparing my morning message to preach last week and happened tonotice that it has been one year since the Coronavirus caused a shutdown of our church and we began to meet “remotely”. I had to get used topreaching

“The Prince of Peace”

Living Ambassadors for Christ Article for Feb. 2021 – By Uncle Tom Just a few short weeks ago as we celebrated Christmas, we were reminded of the story of Jesus birth as a baby in a manger. Luke 2:13-14 shares

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Social Distance? Not with Jesus!

Jesus was having a very busy day. I am sure He was tired, thirsty and yes, possibly even a bit frustrated. He had been sharing God’s message of truth with the religious leaders of the day and they were responding

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“Be Careful What You Wish For!” by Pastor Tom

“Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to go to school again”? “I would love to never have to work at my job again, I could just stay at home and not have to go anywhere ever again”. “My

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“The Cure for Fear”

Life can have its scary moments. As children, we typically look to our parents or caregivers to calm our fears and reassure us that “everything is going to be okay”. Very often they remind us that what we are afraid

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“New Year, New Life” by Pastor Tom

Just a few short months ago, our church began a new children’s ministry called, “Kids Club”. We meet twice a month and the kid’s hear Bible stories, play games, enjoy snacks, and work on a craft to take home with

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“In Every Thing Give Thanks” by Pastor Tom

The leaves are changing to their state of bright colors before they fall to the ground. The warm temperatures that we have enjoyed for the last six months are beginning to fall as well. Maybe that is where the term

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“It’s Never Too Early To Start” by Pastor Tom

Different things come to mind marking the “end of Summer”. I know there is an official calendar date, but usually it is something that we do or somewhere that we go each year that sticks out in our mind. Here

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“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” by Pastor Tom

Summer time is filled with opportunities to take a break from schoolwork, enjoy some outdoor games and adventures,  and be thankful for the warm temperatures and long days of sunlight that make all these things possible. As we give our

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“Obedience Brings Joy” by Pastor Tom

During the months of May and June, we have and will be celebrating two very special holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These days have been set aside as important times to honor our moms and dads. It’s hard to

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