Go, But Don’t Forget to Stop! by Pastor Tom

My wife and I recently drove from New York to New Mexico to visit our daughter who had just moved there when she got married. We put over 4500 miles on our car and had only 8 days to make the round trip. Our main purpose in going was to attend her wedding ceremony and reception and meet her new family from “out west”. An added bonus was we were able to see the sights of this beautiful country we live in. For the sake of time, it was tempting to just “stay the course” and not stray far from the highway and simply accomplish the mission. We did however, stop a few times, and introduce ourselves and get to know some people. Strangely enough, we often found some common interests and even those who knew where we were from, really blessed us. The Bible commands in Matthew 28 for believers to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” commonly referred to as the “Great Commission” of sharing the Gospel. Let me encourage you, that as you are “going” and accomplishing your mission for Christ, to make sure you take a few moments to talk to people along the way that you hadn’t planned on seeing. It will take a bit of your time, but you might find an opportunity for mutual blessing and leading them to Christ. So go; but don’t forget to stop!

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