“It’s Never Too Early To Start” by Pastor Tom

Different things come to mind marking the “end of Summer”. I know there is an official calendar date, but usually it is something that we do or somewhere that we go each year that sticks out in our mind. Here on the farm, besides the change in the weather, it is the end of the local county fair that draws the summer season to a close. This year we brought six animals to show and my nieces and nephews did well as they presented the cows and calves before the judges for their inspection. Most people do not realize all the work and preparation that goes into training and grooming the animals for showing. It takes a lot of discipline for children especially to sometimes give up doing things that are more fun to spend time getting ready for the annual county show. As parents we are challenged by the words in the book of Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.” When we obey this command, everyone wins! The caregiver is being disciplined to train even when there could be an excuse for doing something of lesser importance. The child is being disciplined to listen, watch and learn the things they are being taught, so they will be better prepared to live a life well pleasing to our God, and yes, ultimately our great Judge! We all will stand before Him someday, parent and child alike. Will you be ready when it is your turn? I walked around the end of our barn the day after the fair had ended and saw my niece leading a month-old calf with a halter. I said, “Are you getting ready for next year already?”, she answered, “Yup!” She has learned a very valuable lesson; it is never too early to start!

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