“The Cure for Fear”

Life can have its scary moments. As children, we typically look to our parents or caregivers to calm our fears and reassure us that “everything is going to be okay”. Very often they remind us that what we are afraid of is not real: “there is no such thing as a Boogeyman”. Or maybe, what has caused our distress will not last forever: “the storm is almost over”. Sometimes they can just remove the problem altogether: “I just talked to Billy’s dad and it will not happen again”! It seems as if recently with the outbreak of the Coronavirus even grownups that we know appear to be frightened and that can get unsettling as they are the ones we look to for help. The problem that we all face with this is, it IS real; we are NOT sure how long it will last; and we just can’t REMOVE the problem altogether.

So, what can we do to cure our fears? “Do not fear” is one of the most common commands in the Bible. God simply is asking us to trust in His promises. He said one day that He would send someone to save us from all fears, and that someone would be His own Son, Jesus. I’m sure that right after Jesus was crucified and died for our sins, His disciple friends were very scared as to who would help them now that He was gone. The answer came to them that first Easter Sunday morning as they went to visit His tomb and the angel told them, “He is Risen!” Three of the greatest words ever spoken gave fear its crushing defeat. As they ran to tell others what they heard, they met Jesus along the way and His first words for them was, “Be not afraid”! God kept His promise then and continues to keep it today. Jesus conquered death once and for all and gave us the cure for fear, it is “trust”.                    

What or who are you trusting in today? In the Bible, Romans 10:9-10 tells us that it is Christ alone Who can save us. Believers, please take time to read Matthew 28:1-10 and replace your fears with the great hope we have in the risen Christ. Have a blessed, “fearless” Easter!

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