During World War II when a son went into military service, a flag was placed in the window of his home. A blue star in the center was a sign to all passing by that these parents gave their son in the service of their country.

One night a little boy was walking down the street with his Daddy. He was remarking about the stars in the windows and said, “Look, Daddy, they gave one, and they gave two, and they gave one.”

Then they came to the window with a gold star on the flag. The puzzled little fellow looked up into his Daddy’s face and said, “Daddy, there is a gold star in that window; what does it mean?”

“My son, the gold star means that a boy in that home was willing to die for his country. You know, Son, if God had a service flag in His window, it would be filled with gold stars for the many who have laid down their lives in the service. For example: William Carey, who would sit and read about other countries of the world. One time the ministers were all getting together for a meeting. Carey mentioned to them that surely they were responsible to take the gospel to all the people of the world. These preachers laughed at him, but still God spoke to his heart about the people of the world who did not know Jesus. Finally, he sailed for India as the first missionary to that country. During the many years that he worked there, he and those who worked with him translated the Bible into many languages so that one-third of the world could have a copy of the Bible.

Then there was Adoniram Judson, who blazed the Gospel trail in Burma, and Hudson Taylor who was the first to take the Gospel to the Chinese. Through his life many others were called of God to take the Gospel to China. David Livingstone was another who loved the people of Africa so much that while he was dying he asked that his heart be buried in the center of Africa. There were many more I could tell you about.”

Soon they came to a clearing. The boy looked up into the sky and saw a big star. “Look Daddy, look! There’s a star in God’s window. Did He give His son too?”

“Yes, my son. God gave His Son many years ago.” He explained the Christmas story found in Matthew 2:2-12, explaining that when Christ was born there was a star in the window of heaven. The wisemen seeing it, traveled many miles to take their gifts to God’s son.

We too, can bring gifts to Jesus, but first we must receive His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 3:23, 6:23, John 3:16, 1:12) After we receive God’s Gift, He then wants us to give ourselves to Him, “Present your bodies a living sacrifice.” Romans 12:1.

Some of you have accepted God’s gift of salvation by asking God to forgive you of your sins. But have you ever given Him the gift that He wants?



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