“Serve God, No Matter What”

by Pastor Tom

We are beginning a new Bible study at our church from the book of Daniel. Very early in the opening verses we find Daniel and a few close friends facing personal challenges that could change the course of their lives. This reminds us of how critically important our choices are that we make each and every day. The circumstances that they faced for the most part were ones that they had no control of. They were taken from their families by a foreign government that was opposed to their personal faith in God.

The one key verse that characterized their commitment to God is found in Chapter 1, verse 8 which says, “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself…”. In other words, Daniel “made up his mind ahead of time” that he would not do anything that God would not be pleased with. This decision would rule over anything that he would face without exception. He understood the great value of commitment to our Biblical convictions. It would have been so easy to simply become a “victim” of circumstance rather that his courageous choice to be “victor” instead. The definition of victim is, “one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by force or agent.” The definition of victor is, “one that defeats an enemy or opponent”. Two letters at the end of a word completely change the outcome of the challenges that we face each and every day. Life would not be easy for Daniel and his friends, but God would honor their faith and provide His gracious care through the hardest of times. He would be the One that would eventually defeat their enemy for them.

We have the same opportunity today, to choose God’s will over the world’s ways. God will honor our commitment to Him and give us victory when we purpose to serve Him, no matter what. Have a “victorious” summer!