“Don’t Forget Your Lunch”! By Pastor Tom

Jesus was in town! Little Jesse had hurried to finish his morning chores and was running out the doorway to hope to see Him when Mom spoke out, “Don’t forget your lunch!” As he quickly retreated, he exclaimed, “Isn’t this a bit much for me”? Mom replied, “It’s going to be a long day, and perhaps you may meet someone who forgot their lunch and maybe you could be kind and share some with them”. Jesse managed to work his way towards the front as it was difficult for him to see and hear what Jesus was doing and saying. No one seemed to mind as he wrangled his wiry little body on the edge of the huge crowd right in the very first row. Jesus’ kind words and miraculous healings kept him quite captivated, so much so that he forgot to even stop to eat. A few of Jesus’ friends interrupted Him and were talking privately. Now would be a good time for a lunch break. Jesse uncovered and investigated his lunch basket. “Wow!” he said aloud, “Mom made me some of her freshly baked bread, and she put in some fish Dad brought home from the market yesterday”! He sat there for a few moments with the biggest of eyes and a with his mouth watering in anticipation, when suddenly he felt a tap on his little shoulder. “Boy!” the man addressing him said. “We are in desperate need of food today and we were wondering if you would be willing to share”? Jesse recognized him as one of Jesus’ friends. He looked quickly down at the lunch he never even touched and then gazed into the eyes of what seemed to be a very desperate man. It was in that moment that he remembered his mom’s earlier words to be kind and share. Without thinking twice, he handed over his uneaten meal. The man ran the basket right over to Jesus who received it with a big smile. Jesse exclaimed with yet another “Wow!”, as he realized it was Jesus who needed his lunch. But then something even more amazing happened. Jesus closed His eyes and prayed and then reached inside the basket for the food. He pulled out the bread and the fish that Mom had packed and kept reaching in and bring out more. There was enough food to feed everyone there including himself. Jesse could not believe his eyes. Everyone was eating as far as he could see in all directions! He was so filled with excitement that he ran all the way home to tell His Mom just how many people he shared his lunch with today. “Oh Boy will she ever be surprised!” Jesse thought as he walked in the door that night.

I have heard said that “Little is much when God is in it.” Never underestimate how greatly God can use you if you are simply willing to give him what you have and trust Him for the results! Take some time to read the true story of this account found in John 6:1-14 and next time you go out, “Don’t forget your lunch” because you never know who God will bless with it!

*Living Ambassadors for Christ Article for June / July 2021