“It’s Been a Year!” By Pastor Tom

I was preparing my morning message to preach last week and happened to
notice that it has been one year since the Coronavirus caused a shut
down of our church and we began to meet “remotely”. I had to get used to
preaching to an empty room in front of the lens of my I-Pad. Let me tell
you it was very difficult to get used to, and quite honestly it was
because I did not want to get used to it! I did not want to be apart
from our church. I did not want to be apart from my extended family and
friends. I did not want to be told that I needed to wear a mask on my
face. I didn’t want to miss all the gatherings that I was used to
attending if it were a “normal” year. I could go on, but I would have to
re-title my article. “It’s Been a Year to Forget”! and I don’t think
that would be wise. I believe that God would be more honored and I would
be more blessed to consider from his perspective, “It’s Been a Year to

Looking back, I remember:

God is good all the time. He is in control and has a plan for our lives.
His love for us is unmatched. God is merciful and gracious and always
nearby. We are never alone! The church is essential. We need each other.
Our methods may change, but our message may not. The Gospel is our only
hope, and our faith cannot be taken away from us. We need to be actively
serving our Savior every day. The Word of God has all the answers for
how we ought to live pleasing to him especially when life is hard.
Prayer works! Our elderly family and friends can become very lonely and
the greatest gift we can give them is our time. Small weddings can be
big blessings! The “treasures” of the world can be gone in an instant;
but the treasures and pleasures of heaven will last forever. I could go
on, but I would surely run out of page to type on. What about you? What
have you learned? How have you grown in your relationship with the Lord?

Perhaps, the hymn writers were on to something when they wrote, “Count
your many blessings, name them one by one; and it will surprise you what
the Lord has done.” Why don’t you give it a try?! What does tomorrow
hold for us? Only God knows, and if He is holding us, we can say with
great certainty next March about this, “It’s Been a Year to Remember!”

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